3GP Recovery Software

-- Recovers Your corrupted/lost/deleted Digital Photos

-- Also Recovers deleted videos and audios files

-- Performs recovery within few easy steps only

-- Easily run on Windows and Mac Operating System


3GP Recovery Software:-Restores Lost and Deleted Photos

Have your lost or deleted your 3gp videos that had your golden moments. Videos are very important in our life we preserve our special moments in videos. When ever we want to recall our special moments we can do so by watching videos. We are emotionally attached to our videos. If in any of the condition your videos get lost then it becomes quite disheartening situation. If your photos are lost then there may be certain reason responsible for it as viruses invasion, unsafe system shutdown, application crash, memory card formatting and accidental deletion. All these situation can be the cause for the loss of your videos. Accidental deletion is the human mistake but the final result is the video loss. .

3GP Recovery Software:A Brief Introduction

3GP recovery software is an amazing tool and best solution for recovering your lost or deleted 3GP videos. With its amazing and advanced technique it goes for the deep scan and recovers your lost 3GP videos. It is developed especially through experts aiming complete 3GP recovery. It performs fast recovery of the videos.

This tool is full of distinctive features that make it different from others

  • It is quite easy to use and yes flexible too if want to pause the recovery process you can do so and then restart it.
  • For the recovery of the scanned files you can save them on the desired location. For the easy and categorized scanning of the videos you can go for various options as date,name and size.
  • When you are done with the scanning of the videos then it offers preview for the confirmation
  • In addition it lets you check the quality of the videos and images.


Supporting Photo File formats:-

Apart from 3GP recovery, the utility supports recovery of distinct photo file formats jpg, bmp, gif, tif, nef, crw,mrw, orf, sr2, and many more with ease and efficiency, assuring safe & complete photo recovery.

Supporting Video File formats:-

The tool is not only for recovering 3GP videos it can rather recover videos of other file formats as well. Some of the popular videos file format supported by this tool are flv, mov, mpeg, jpg, mpeg, avi, crw, orf, sr2, and many more.

Supporting Audio File Formats:-

In addition to images and videos it can recover audios. It is the stand alone application that performs complete recovery of the formatted, deleted or damaged audios. Audio file format recovered by this tool are OGG, WMA, RPS, AIFF, M4A, MP3, M4P, Real Audio (RA) and others.

Supporting Memory Cards:-

The tool is quite versatile and able to recover photos from almost all conditions and all type of memory card or storage device. With its unique scanning algorithm it can recover photos from Flash memory device, USB drive, micro SD card, mini SD card, memory sticks and others.

Supporting Camera Models:-

3GP Card Recovery Software supports almost all types of digital cameras as Nikon (NEF, NRW), Kodak (K25, KDC, DCR), Minolta (MRW), Olympus (ORF), Canon (CR2, CRW), Sony (SR2, ARW, SRF), Fuji (RAF), Panasonic (RAW), Epson (ERF), Mamiya (MEF, MOS), etc.

With in few clicks you can perform hassle free 3GP recovery. If you want to experience the working of this software then go for its demo version which is free. Above all 3gp recovery software is the ultimate solution for recovering videos, audios and images from different memeory card.

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User Guide for Mac

3GP Recovery:User Guide for Mac

Step1:First on your Mac PC install Stellar Phoenix Photo recovery software and after that launch the application.

Step2:Double click on drive name in left panel.

Step3:There will be two option, from that select photo recovery option and from given list selct the file types. After that click on OK.

Step4:Recoverable item list will be shown in left panel.

Step5:To see preview click on any file.Selct the files which you want to recover and click on recover button. To recover all the files click on recover all buttons to recover the files.

User Guide for Windows

3GP Recovery:User Guide for Windows

Step1:First install and launch the application. After that click on Photo recovery option, which will provide option selct the file type.It dispaly the all file format which is supported by it.

Step2:Select the file which need to be scanned or make complete search and click on OK.

Step3:After perfroming above steps scannign process will start auotmatically. The list of files with its file format will get displayed.

Step4:Click on each and every folder to see the files which have same file format.

Step5:Click on any files to see preview. If you want to recover all files click on all option. If you want to recover the selected files , then clikc on recover the selectec items.