3GP Recovery Software:-Supporting Memory Cards

Now days digital cameras use memory cards for the storage of photos and videos. Memory cards are very convienient and compact storage device. We can store bulk of photos and videos in memory cards and it is very easy transferring photos from memory cards. There are different kind of memory cards as mini SD, micro SD, XD, memory stick, and others.

Reasons for the corruption of Memory cards are

Memory cards are prone to the usual problem of data loss. There are certain situations that can cause photos or videos loss from memory card or even your memory card may become inaccessible. Memory card corruption is a very common and pathetic situation and any of the user can be victim of it. The reasons that can corrupt your memory card are

  • viruses invasion
  • pulling out of memory card while reading/writing operation
  • mishandling of the camera
  • continue taking up photos even if memory card is full
  • formatting of the memory card
  • accidental deletion

Because of these reasons your photos may be lost. If you want to recover your lost or deleted videos/photos from your memory card then without wasting time consult professional photo recovery solution. 3GP photo recovery software is an amazing tool that easily recovers your photos and videos lost from memory card. This utility is standalone among other photo recovery software that supports almost all kind of memory card.

3GP Recovery Software:-Supporting Memory Cards

The tool can recover digital items from several memory cards used in different camera including:-

  • Micro SD
  • XD Card
  • CF Card
  • Mini Disks
  • MMC card
  • SDHC Card
  • SD Card
  • Mini SD

With its complete set of users manual guide you get instructions about using this tool. The tool is capable or recovering varied files and videos format as jpg, mov, flv, wmv, mpeg, etc. If you want to test the capability of this tool then you can test the free demo version of 3GP recovery software. In all aspect 3GP recovery software is the ultimate utility that recovers photos from all kind of memory cards as well is support recovery of all video file format.

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